Dancing with the Wadard Morris Men: Why not join us?

We′ll give you a warm welcome whether you have never danced before or have lots of experience as a dancer. In return, you′ll get the chance to make new friends not just locally but around the country, to get some exercise and to have fun. Where do you dance?

We aim to dance at a local pub every Wednesday night during the summer. Sometimes we′ll be joined by another group; sometimes we′ll go to join another group on their regular dance night (probably on a different night of the week). You′ll also have the chance to dance around the world (but mostly in the UK) at events organised by other groups that may last a whole day or a whole weekend, and at festivals as well as at events to promote local worthy causes.

Isn′t it stuck in the past?

It may be an old custom with evidence that it was danced as far back as in the 15th century and it′s true that many of the dances that are performed today are based on firm traditions; however, it is an evolving one with new dances being created.

It′s just for old men, isn′t it?

Far from it! Many of the older Morris men you see in this group and with others began to dance in their teens or when they were at university and still dance now because they enjoy dancing and all that goes with it. Today, we have two pairs of fathers and sons out of several pairs who have danced with us over the last 40 years. We′d like you to join us regardless of age. There′s a thriving Morris 18-30 group that organises its own annual event.

Don′t just think about it, come and try it

For information about our practices at Our Lady of Hartley RC Junior School, Stack Lane, Hartley, Kent, Click here to see a map showing the practice location. DA3 8BP, (TQ606676) contact our Scribe, Fred Hands or phone 014747 702389. Alternatively, come and talk to us when you see us dance out.

Wednesday Evenings from 8:00- 10:00pm October to end of April